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Kailah Santos


Who am I ?

Kailah Santos

I am a Boricua actress based in Brooklyn, New York raised between the racially segregated suburbs of Long Island, New York and the Bible Belt Mega-Church Swamps of Florida. As a little girl who watched way too much T.V. I was convinced I was Mexican thanks to the George Lopez show, until one day I asked my mom and she informed me that we were in fact …Puerto Rican. I am clearly another example of why representation matters. My hope is to participate in telling stories on stage and film that celebrate and challenge the world I inherited and the world I’m still curiously learning about. A few important things to know about me: My personal musical anthem is Big Pun's Still Not a Player--  “Boricua, Morena” is my mantra in life. I am an avid reader of Latin American Magical Realism (Shout out to Jorge Luis Borges!). I can do a pretty mean Billie Holiday impression. And I aspire to create the Christian equivalent of Ramy Youseff’s self-titled Hulu show.



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Kailah Santos

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